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Automotive Transmission Inspection Solutions

Dec 17, 2022      View: 195

Transmission, also known as transmission, is one of the important component systems of a car and plays a big role in the daily use of the car, like changing the transmission ratio, controlling the vehicle's backward driving, and starting the engine speed control, etc.


When the car has various abnormal conditions, it is generally necessary to check the transmission first. Due to the structure of the transmission, it isn't easy to see the internal condition by direct observation, such as the internal gears, clutch, etc. Auxiliary tools are needed; if the car is dismantled rashly because of uncertain factors, it will be time-consuming and labor-intensive and affect the car because of replacement and repair. Suppose the car is dismantled because of uncertainty. In that case, it will not only be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it may also affect its secondary sales due to replacement and repair, especially under uncertainty.

The most important reason is that there is no way to carry out the internal probe of the transmission. The industrial endoscope can solve this problem well. It needs to detect the transmission's internal situation and extend the probe of the front end of the industrial endoscope from the appropriate probe into the internal, such as fuel holes, ventilation holes, etc... The front probe can be smoothly collected for a clear picture. It is necessary to operate manually. If the internal environment is too dark, it is necessary to operate the LED adjustment lamp for auxiliary lighting manually so that the real-time picture on display can be observed visually to check whether the gears, synchronizers, clutches, and gear forks in the transmission are damaged and displaced, and even observe the internal oil quantity and oil quality.


According to the observed internal situation, the local situation is photographed and recorded, which can clarify whether there are defects inside the transmission, and clarify the location and cause of the defects, thus helping the inspector to make a quick judgment on whether to disassemble and repair, which will save more time and effort overall, even if the transmission needs to be replaced, after making an accurate judgment, it is convenient to determine the location of the repair.

The endoscope can use professional endoscope products with auto inspection functions. In the light brightness and insertion, tube steering needs to pay extra attention to the performance because the internal inspection of the transmission very needs light assistance. The bent insertion tube can be convenient through the complex internal aisle of the transmission, 360 ° guidance function can also expand the inspector's field of vision, creating more comprehensive observation.?

The industrial endoscope can effectively inspect various internal problems of the automobile transmission, facilitating the inspector to complete the defects more quickly, saving time and effort, and is a powerful auxiliary tool for non-destructive inspection of the automobile's interior.

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