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Infineon Technologies Corporation

Infineon is a top 10 global semiconductor supplier. infineon focuses on providing semiconductor and system solutions to meet the three technological challenge areas of modern society - energy efficiency, mobility and safety. infineon has the broadest portfolio of automotive semiconductors, including sensors, various layers of MCUs, Power, and more. Creating system-level solutions.

Infineon products are known for their high reliability, superior quality, and innovation. Infineon is a leading-edge technology in the fields of analog and mixed-signal, RF, power, and embedded control devices. They are widely used in automotive powertrain, body and convenience devices, safety management and infotainment systems. Continued success in the field of automotive electronics is largely due to a consistent focus on automotive applications and needs.

Infineon Product Line

Electronic Control Unit
Automotive Memories
Power Semiconductors
Analog ICs
Car Sensors
Chassis & Body System


CY15B102N, 2-Mbit (128K X 16) Automotive F-RAM Memory

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FS512S-102 MHz DDR, 512 Mb, 1.8 V Serial Peripheral Interface with Multi-I/O Flash

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IPP_B_I80N06S2-07 DataSheet

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TLE4275V33 Data Sheet

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TLE4279 Data Sheet

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