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Gate Drive Support Chip Solutions

Dec 30, 2022      View: 279

Current Sense ICs and High Voltage Start ICs for MOSFETs and IGBTs

Our solutions are the connoisseur's choice. We offer current sense ICs (IR2175 series) that sense the motor phase current through an external shunt resistor, converts the analogue signal to a digital signal, and transmit the signal to the low side. Current sensing is achieved by sensing the high-voltage deviation between the input and data output.
We also offer high-voltage start-up ICs (IRS25751 series) that ensure simple and fast circuit start-up while reducing circuit standby losses.?
These simple ICs for common circuit components give designers the flexibility to innovate. This product family is a basic toolbox of circuit components commonly found in power electronics.


Typical Current Sense IC Connection Diagram

Typical High Voltage Start IC Connection Diagram

Infineon and International Rectifier's decades of application expertise and technology development have resulted in a range of gate driver ICs for silicon and wide band gap power devices, such as MOSFETs, discrete IGBTs, IGBT modules, SiC MOSFETs and GaN HEMTs.

Our high-quality product portfolio includes electrically isolated gate drivers, automotive-approved gate drivers, 200 V, 500-700 V, 1200 V level conversion gate drivers, and non-isolated low-side drivers.?

The product portfolio covers various configurations, voltage levels, isolation levels, protection features and packaging options. Advanced discrete switch families require gate drive circuitry that can be adapted to take full advantage of their performance and capabilities. A high-performance gate driver configuration is essential for all power switches, whether in a discrete form or a power module.

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