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Traction Motor Inverter Solutions for New Energy Vehicles

Dec 29, 2022      View: 237

Teaction Inverter Solution

Inverter systems convert DC voltages into multi-phase AC voltages to drive traction motors at the speed and acceleration required by the driver. Complex control systems are required to monitor the motor's state, voltage, and current and to apply the required torque energy.

The traction Inverter is one of the important nodes for new energy vehicles, and its functional safety requirements are typical. The ZLG solution uses a high functional safety series master controller and a high functional safety level highly integrated high voltage gate driver solution to drive three-phase motors over 10K rpm over 100KW to achieve a high voltage power inverter for traction motors.

  • Link voltage: > 250 VDC, > 420 VDC
  • 3-phase PMSM motors
  • Peak power: ≥ 100kW
  • Maximum speed: > 10k rpm
  • Continuous current: > 200 A, RMS, peak current: > 400 A, RMS
  • Provide complete hardware support
  • Full software development support

Solution Features

Motor power inverter for xEV

HV UPS power inverter

Alternative Energy Inverter


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