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What is Intelligent Roadside Unit

Dec 21, 2022      View: 298

What is Super Intelligent Parking Assist


Super Smart Parking is an enhanced intelligent parking assistance system. In Super Smart Parking Assist, identified parking spaces will become visible in real time, and unparkable spaces will be presented in a special format. All available parking spaces that pass within a certain range will be memorized and displayed on the touch screen, and the driver can select anyone to park.


intelligent parking assist

In Super Intelligent Parking Assist mode, the interface of the parking assistance system will remain resident unless the driver actively turns it off.


When approaching a frequently used parking space, follow the steps below to use Super Intelligent Parking Assist to pull into the frequently used parking space.


1. Regardless of whether the vehicle is in motion or stationary, click the "P" button in the upper left corner of the touch screen to enter Super Intelligent Parking Assist; or activate the voice dialogue system and voice input "I want to park" to enter Super Intelligent Parking Assist.


2. When the parking assistance system detects a parking space, the driver can select the destination parking space and click "Start" intelligent parking assistance after parking safely. If the super intelligent assisted parking is activated by voice dialogue system, you can also select a parking space by voice inputting the parking space number displayed on the touch screen.


Smart Parking on-street Parking Intelligent Equipment - Roadside Machine


As car ownership rises year by year, parking management becomes more and more difficult, thus the roadside machine was born.


The roadside machine is usually installed in the road parking space, is designed specifically for the roadside parking space unmanned management system needs, the equipment automatically identifies vehicles, through the star-level Sony lens for front-end information collection, military-grade radar accurate positioning, and self-service charging terminal with the parking space unattended self-service payment management, shoulder portable installation design, to ensure the overall beauty of the road, short and compact The appearance of the equipment is not easy to be damaged, is the perfect solution for roadside parking.


The Principle of Using Roadside Machine


When the vehicle is close to the parking space, the low-level video senses the vehicle through the radar, and when the vehicle is driven into the parking space and parked, the camera automatically takes pictures and uploads the license plate information, and starts timing and billing, when the vehicle leaves the parking space, the radar senses the change of the vehicle status, and when the vehicle leaves the parking space, the equipment automatically reports the time of leaving and settles the bill, and sends the bill notification to the owner's public number or small program, and the owner can settle the parking fee through the The owner can settle the parking fee by cell phone.


Product Advantages of Roadside Machine


1、Invisible body

Shoulder portable installation, perfect integration into the design of the road shoulder, to maintain the overall beauty of the road.


2、Super power range

The use of battery power to solve the construction of complex, ultra-long endurance greater than 180 days.


3、Real-time evidence

Before and after the photo, the license plate to keep as parking evidence, and push to the owner as a parking basis.


4、Collision and pressure resistance

The overall use of polymer composite materials, curved decompression design, anti-collision and anti-pressure.


5、Waterproof and moisture-proof

Adopt one-piece design, the whole sealed, waterproof grade to IP68 level, fearless of heavy rain, flooding.


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