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Door Control Module

Door Control Module
The Door Control Module (DCM) is an electronic component found in modern vehicles that controls various functions related to the doors, windows, and other associated systems. It serves as a central control unit for managing the operation of door locks, windows, mirrors, and other features. 
Door Control Modules are placed inside both doors. They manage all actuators in the driver- or passenger door and are directly connected to a separate switch panel. Central Locking, Window Winders as well as Mirror Adjustment are controlled by this ECU.
Light Management is also part of the functionality:
  • Illumination or the Switch Panel
  • Lock and Mirror Heating Status
  • Entrance Light
The separation from the switch panel gives more freedom in placing the different components inside the door.
The Door Control Module plays a crucial role in managing various functions associated with the doors, windows, and mirrors in modern vehicles. It ensures convenient operation, enhanced security, and integration with other vehicle systems. By centralizing control and providing advanced features, the DCM contributes to the overall comfort, convenience, and functionality of the vehicle's door-related systems.

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