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How to Choose a Car Chassis 2023

Jan 05, 2023      View: 414

Most of the cars we usually use are load-bearing structure, this structure is lightweight, simple manufacturing, low cost, so it is used more, due to its high structural strength, strong load-bearing capacity, durable, unloaded body is mainly used for trucks, buses and heavy off-road vehicles, some cars have double wishbones at the front and multi-link at the rear.


Is the chassis of such a car necessarily good? It is invested in the cost of engineering, the use of structural parts must be very expensive, so, when driving, the better the car, the greater the difference, the less vibration transmitted to the car, and the less noise when crossing some ditch.

Let passengers feel like they have run over something, but the physical sensation is different, there is no discomfort, which is a good chassis that everyone can understand, the form of judgment of the chassis, soft and comfortable, hard feel good, can not be considered a good chassis. A car that manages to control without losing comfort and gives you confidence in driving.

Exhaust assembly

good chassis

This is a very good chassis that contains many important body parts. The exhaust assembly is one of the important items in the chassis inspection, and although part of the exhaust assembly is located in the engine compartment, most of it is carried in the chassis of the car.

Therefore, the safety of its related components must also be considered when conducting the car chassis inspection. The car exhaust inspection is mainly to determine whether there is air leakage, for ordinary roads, cities and other daily occasions, for ordinary domestic cars, the suspension generally needs to have good vibration filtering performance and sound insulation performance.

Shock absorber

These are two very important aspects of the assessment of driving quality, in which the performance of the shock absorber has different requirements for three different types of vehicles: daily family cars, SUVs with broader adaptability requirements, and models positioned more sporty, daily family cars are more suitable for the road environment, so the vibration filter must be more delicate.

It can fully solve the high-frequency fine vibration of the road, while maintaining a certain turning bearing capacity; when the car starts to accelerate, it seems that the body and chassis move synchronously, the body is smooth and does not sway, there is no back and forth swaying, stalling, lifting and other phenomena, the driving wheels have good grip and do not slip, and the starting acceleration process is smooth and smooth.


The vehicle can quickly reach a higher speed, when the car is running at high speed, the wheels have good grip with the ground, strong resistance to external interference, no floating body, and strong straight-line driving ability. Even if there is a relatively strong side wind, the car can still continue to drive straight, there is no feeling of stuck "steering wheel".

At the same time can quickly absorb the impact and vibration of the road, will not change the direction of travel due to the ups and downs of the road, badly tuned car, the body does not follow the direction, she turned to the left in an emergency to avoid obstacles, and then turned to the right. It leans 60° to the right and the body still leans to the left.



The chassis of the car affects the handling of the car, and the handling is affected by the suspension, in general, independent suspension is better than non-independent suspension, in addition, chassis stability depends on the speed of the suspension feedback, the so-called hard grip is actually fast suspension feedback.

Most suspensions are spring, the actual connection between the two ends of the spring is actually the wheel and the body, the faster the spring springs back, the better the wheels can be fixed to the ground and the tires firmly pressed into the ground, the feedback is not only affected by the spring, but also related to the mass under the spring: the smaller the mass, the lighter the spring movement.

To sum up

Thus, independent suspension, good dampers, light wheels, soft tires and light rear swingarm are the ingredients of an excellent chassis. Damage to the chassis during the use of the vehicle can really have a big impact on the condition of the vehicle, so we must be aware of the importance of this matter.

Perhaps you will notice that when the car is driving on more gravel roads, you will hear the sound of sand hitting the chassis frame, which should draw more attention because once the chassis is damaged, it is likely to affect the normal use of other components, and serious damage can even lead to the loosening of the entire vehicle structure and cause accidents.

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