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Body Control Module (BCM) Solutions

Dec 30, 2022      View: 263

Central Body Control Module - the hidden but necessary module for all cars

Central Body Control Modules (BCM) are the core electronic components of a vehicle. They integrate multiple functions and control the basic comfort and safety functions of almost all vehicle electronic components.

Body Control Module Functions

  • Exterior lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Windshield wipers
  • Windshield washer system
  • Central locking system
  • Ventilation system
  • Seat adjustment
  • Radiofrequency reception
  • Anti-theft control system
  • Remote access control (RKE)
  • Keyless Entry System (PASE)
  • Tire Information System
  • Energy Management

With their scalable architecture and AUTOSAR-compatible software modules, they can be freely adapted to customer requirements and coordinated to specific vehicles to respond to the global market's needs.

Specialist in Vehicle Electronics

NEVSEMI can offer a wide range of related devices, from platform-based basic function controllers to highly integrated custom domain controllers.
In addition to standardized BCMs for basic modules, we offer customized solutions for various vehicle architectures and OEM strategies.

Basic Function Control Module

  • The Body Control Module is responsible for all basic and standard body functions of the vehicle
  • Low-cost body control module platform
  • Standardized product concepts
  • Meet the requirements of diverse markets

Integrated Body Control Modules

  • The central body control module controls multiple electrical and electronic body functions
  • The heart of body-related vehicle function integration
  • Designed with highly standardized software and hardware platform components

Power Body Control Module

  • Body control module combined with relays and fuse devices
  • Centralized control of body functions and power distribution functions
  • Conforms to the requirements of engine compartment components
  • Intelligent Bundling of Many Different Functions

The Body Control Module (BCM) always controls multiple vehicle functions. Which functions are bundled in any given module depends on the corresponding vehicle architecture and the partitioning of the different functions.
The BCM integrates the vehicle's electronic component architecture into a single unit, reducing the number of required plug-in connections and wiring harnesses while providing maximum reliability and economy.
For example, the BCMs are installed in the engine compartment and control the headlights, turn indicators and windshield washer system. In the trunk, they are responsible for the rear lighting system, rear window wipers, and door locking aids.
The central BCM bundles the controls for the door locking system, the anti-theft control system, the ventilation module and the tire information system.


Integrated system from a technology leader in the field of vehicle electronics

Encompasses the latest trends in vehicle electronics

Cost savings in R&D and E/E architecture

Optimized quality and short development times

Supports vehicle manufacturers' development strategies

Delivers high system performance and integration performance

Solutions for all vehicle architectures

The well-engineered platform for improved quality and vehicle safety

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