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  • MK20DN512VLQ10

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MK20DN512VLQ10 Overview

The Kinetis K20 100 MHz MCU family offers a scalable portfolio with various levels of integration, featuring a rich suite of analog, communication, timing and control peripherals to accommodate a wide range of requirements. Maximizes board space and enhances performance with minimum-length interconnections Enables miniaturization of existing applications Provides performance efficiency with low power Delivers significant BOM savings through smart on-chip integration Shares the comprehensive enablement and scalability of the Kinetis portfolio


  • Ultra-Low-Power
  • 10 low-power modes with power and clock gating for optimal peripheralactivity and recovery times. Stop currents down to 2 μA, and runcurrents of <350 μA/MHz, with 4 μs wake-up from Stop mode
  • Full memory and analog operation down to 1.71 volts for extendedbattery life
  • Low-leakage wake-up unit with up to eight internal modules and 16 pinsas wake-up sources in low-leakage stop (LLS)/very low-leakage stop(VLLS) modes
  • Low-power timer for continual system operation in reduced power state
  • Flash, SRAM and FlexMemory
  • 128 KB - 512 KB flash. Fast access, high reliability with four-levelsecurity protection
  • 32 KB-128 KB of SRAM
  • FlexMemory: 32 bytes-4KB of usersegmentable byte write/erase EEPROMfor data tables/system data. EEPROM with over 10M cycles and flashwith 70 μsec write time (brownouts without data loss/corruption). Nouser or system intervention to complete programming and erasefunctions and full operation down to 1.71 volts. In addition, upto 256KB can be used for extra program code, data or EEPROM backup
  • Mixed-Signal Capability
  • Two high-speed 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) withconfigurable resolution. Single or differential output mode operationfor improved noise rejection. 500 ns conversion time achievable withprogrammable delay block triggering
  • Up two 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for analog waveformgeneration for audio applications
  • Three high-speed comparators providing fast and accurate motorover-current protection by driving PWMs to a safe state
  • Analog voltage reference provides an accurate reference to analogblocks, ADC and DAC, and replaces external voltage references toreduce system cost
  • Performance
  • Arm
  • 16-channel DMA for peripheral and memory servicing with reduced CPUloading and faster system throughput
  • Cross bar switch enables concurrent
  • multi-leader
  • Independent flash banks allow concurrent code execution and firmwareupdating with no performance degradation or complex coding routines
  • Timing and Control
  • Up to three FlexTimers with a total of 12 channels. Hardware dead-timeinsertion and quadrature decoding for motor control
  • Carrier modulator timer for infrared waveform generation in remotecontrol applications
  • Four-channel 32-bit periodic interrupt timer provides time base forRTOS task scheduler or trigger source for ADC conversion andprogrammable delay block
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Hardware touch-sensing interface with up to 16 inputs. Operates in alllow power modes (minimum current adder when enabled). Hardwareimplementation avoids software polling method. High sensitivity levelallows use of overlay surfaces upto 5 mm thick
  • Connectivity and Communications
  • USB 2.0 On-The-Go (full speed). Device charge detect optimizescharging current/time for portable USB devices enabling longer batterylife. Low-voltage regulator supplies up to 120 mA off chip at 3.3volts to power external components from 5 volts input
  • Up to six UARTs with IrDA support including one UART with ISO7816smart card support. Variety of data size, format andtransmission/reception settings supported for multiple industrialcommunication protocols
  • Inter-IC Sound (I
  • 2
  • S) serial interface for audio systeminterfacing
  • Two CAN modules for industrial network bridging
  • Up to three DSPI and two I
  • 2
  • C
  • Reliability, Safety and Security
  • Memory protection unit provides memory protection for all leaders onthe cross bar switch, increasing software reliability
  • Cyclic redundancy check engine validates memory contents andcommunication data, increasing system reliability
  • Independent-clocked COP guards against clock skew or code runaway forfail-safe applications such as the IEC 60730 safety standard forhousehold appliances
  • External watchdog monitor drives output pin to safe state externalcomponents if watchdog event occurs
  • This product is included in NXP
  • External Peripheral Support
  • FlexBus external bus interface provides interface options to memoriesand peripherals such as graphics displays. Supports up to 6 chipselects and 2GB addressable space
  • Secure digital host controller supports SD, SDIO, MMC or CE-ATA cardsfor in-application software upgrades, or media files.


  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Mobile
  • Smart City
  • Smart Home

Product Parameters

  • Core Type

    Arm Cortex-M4

  • SRAM (kB)


  • UART


  • I2C


  • CAN


  • ADC (16 bit)


  • 16-bit PWM


  • Other analog blocks

    programmable gain amplifier,voltage reference

  • Human Machine Interface

    touch system interface

  • Supply Voltage [max] (V)


  • Operating Frequency [Max] (MHz)


  • Flash (kB)


  • SPI


  • USB Controllers


  • GPIO


  • DAC (12-bit)


  • 16-bit Timer


  • Security


  • Supply Voltage [min] (V)


  • Ambient Operating Temperature (Min to Max) (℃)

    -40 to 105

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