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  • VBG08HTR-E

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VBG08HTR-E Overview

VBG08H is a single channel driver, plus an IGBT power stage internally assembled using Chip On Chip (COC) hybrid technology.

The two chips are assembled together in the OctaPAK package.

The device comes with several built-in protections like a coil current limiter, thermal monitoring circuit, which triggers a Soft Shut Down (SSD) as soon as the maximum allowable temperature is reached (TSD). It avoids extra voltage on the secondary side of the coil transformer.

The Slow Turn On circuit (STO), avoids unwanted sparks during first negative dV/dt of HVC voltage at turn on.

The current flag circuit provides an output logical signal voltage when the coil current reaches a fixed threshold.


  • Smart electronic ignition with embedded IGBT power stage
  • Coil current limiter
  • Current threshold flag diagnostic output
  • Enable pin
  • Slow turn-on
  • Soft shut down (SSD) operated by low voltage clamp circuit (LVC)
  • SSD activated by
  • Thermal intervention (Tj> 150°C)
  • Enable pin
  • Input overvoltage
  • Battery overvoltage
  • Thermal intervention (Tj> 150°C)
  • Enable pin
  • Input overvoltage
  • Battery overvoltage
  • Battery fault tolerant pins
  • ESD protected
  • TTL compatible

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