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  • SN65LBC176DR

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SN65LBC176DR Overview

The "SN65LBC176DR" is another semiconductor device manufactured by Texas Instruments. It is a differential bus transceiver IC designed for communication applications. 

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Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Package: It is available in the DR (SOIC-8) package, which is a small outline integrated circuit package with 8 pins.
Type: Bus Transceiver
Voltage Supply: The operating voltage supply range for this IC typically ranges from 3.15V to 3.6V.
Data Rate: It is capable of high-speed data transmission, suitable for applications that require fast communication.
Temperature Range: The operating temperature range is usually specified by the manufacturer. You should check the datasheet for the specific temperature range for the SN65LBC176DR.
Interface: It is designed for differential signaling applications, making it suitable for use in RS-485 and other communication protocols that use differential signaling.
The SN65LBC176DR is part of the SN65LBC series of devices, which are commonly used for various communication and industrial applications, including building automation, industrial control systems, and data communication in harsh environments.


RS-485 Communication: RS-485 is a standard for serial communication that uses differential signaling. The SN65LBC176DR can be used in RS-485 networks for data transmission over long distances with noise immunity. It allows multiple devices to communicate on the same bus.

Industrial Control Systems: In industrial automation and control systems, there is often a need for robust and noise-resistant communication between sensors, actuators, and controllers. This IC can be used in such systems to ensure reliable data transfer.

Building Automation: Building automation systems (BAS) use various sensors and controllers to manage lighting, HVAC, security, and other functions. The SN65LBC176DR can be used for communication between different components in a BAS.

Instrumentation: In test and measurement equipment and other instrumentation applications, where precise data needs to be transmitted over long distances, this IC can be used to maintain signal integrity.

Networking Equipment: Some networking equipment may use differential signaling for high-speed data transfer between components. This IC can be used in networking switches, routers, and other devices.

Automotive: Given its robustness and wide operating temperature range, it can also find applications in the automotive industry, such as in-vehicle networking, infotainment systems, and sensor data transmission.

Solar Power Systems: In solar power installations, where data needs to be transmitted between solar panels, inverters, and monitoring systems, this IC can ensure reliable communication.

Medical Devices: In medical devices, such as patient monitoring systems or diagnostic equipment, where noise immunity and reliable data transfer are crucial, this IC can be employed.


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arrow SN65LBC176DR Texas Instruments Single Transmitter/Receiver RS-485 8-Pin SOIC T/R


digikey SN65LBC176DR Rochester Electronics LLC IC TRANSCEIVER HALF 1/1 8SOIC



mouser SN65LBC176DR Texas Instruments RS-485 Interface IC Differential Bus Transceiver


newark SN65LBC176DR Texas Instruments Rs485 Transceiver, 10Mbps, Soic-8, Device Type:Rs485 Transceiver, Ic Interface Type:Rs485, No. Of Drivers:1Drivers, No. Of Receivers:1Receivers, Supply Voltage Min:4.75V, Supply Voltage Max:5.25V, Driver Case Style:Soic, No. Of Rohs Compliant: Yes |Texas Instruments SN65LBC176DR