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  • UPC271G2-A

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UPC271G2-A Overview

The UPC271G2-A is a specific part number for a microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifier manufactured by NEC Corporation. This MMIC amplifier is designed for high-frequency applications, especially in microwave and RF (radio frequency) circuits.



Amplification: The UPC271G2-A is designed to provide high-frequency signal amplification, typically in the microwave frequency range.

Frequency Range: It operates in the microwave frequency range, which can extend into the gigahertz (GHz) range.

Low Noise Figure: MMIC amplifiers like the UPC271G2-A often have a low noise figure, making them suitable for low-noise amplification in sensitive RF and microwave applications.

Compact Design: MMICs are known for their compact and integrated design, which reduces the need for external components and simplifies circuit layout.

High Gain: They provide high gain, which is essential in RF and microwave circuits to boost signal strength.


The UPC271G2-A MMIC amplifier can be used in various RF and microwave applications, including:

Satellite Communication: In satellite communication systems, it can be used for signal amplification and conditioning.

Wireless Communication: It is employed in wireless communication systems, such as cellular base stations and point-to-point microwave links.

Radar Systems: In radar systems, it helps amplify and process radar signals for target detection and tracking.

Test and Measurement Equipment: MMIC amplifiers like the UPC271G2-A are used in test and measurement instruments for RF and microwave signal analysis.

Electronic Warfare: In electronic warfare applications, it plays a role in signal processing and amplification.

Microwave Links: In microwave point-to-point links and backhaul systems, it can be used for signal amplification.

Aerospace and Defense: These amplifiers are commonly found in aerospace and defense applications for radar, communication, and electronic warfare systems.

Product Parameters

  • Part Number


  • Frequency Range

    2 GHz to 4 GHz

  • Noise Figure

    Typically 3.5 dB

  • Supply Voltage

    +5 V

  • Applications

    Microwave and RF amplification, signal processing, and communication systems

  • Manufacturer

    NEC Electronics Corporation

  • Gain

    Typically 18 dB

  • Input Power

    15 dBm

  • Package Type

    Surface-Mount Device (SMD)

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