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  • UPC311G2-A

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UPC311G2-A Overview

The μPC271 and μPC311 are high-performance general-purpose comparators that have the same input characteristics as general-purpose operational amplifiers and can directly drive standard logic circuits such as TTL, CMOS, and HNIL. Its power supply voltage range is flexible whereby it exhibits excellent characteristics not only in a 5 V single power supply but also in ± 15 V power supply which is equivalent to an operational amplifier. These products are equipped with a strobe terminal and input offset adjustment terminals, thus they can be widely applied to various voltage comparison circuits. Depending on the operating ambient temperature, the μPC271 is suitable for communication application while the μPC311 is suitable for general-purpose usage.
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  • Input Offset Voltage: ±2 mV (TYP.)
  • Input Bias Current: 100 nA (TYP.)
  • Pulse Response Time: 200 ns (TYP.)
  • Equipped with a Strobe Terminal, ideal for interfacing with logic circuits.
  • Two output circuit formats are possible. (open collector, emitter follower)
  • Large output current capacity to directly drive the LEDs and lamps.

Product Parameters

  • Pkg. Name:


  • JEITA Standard:


  • Lead Count:


  • Width:

    4.4 mm

  • Pb (Lead) Free:


  • Pkg. Class:


  • Pkg. Previous Code:


  • Pkg. Code:


  • Length:

    5.2 mm

  • Thickness:

    1.8 mm

  • Pkg. Type:


  • RoHS Info:(PDF)

    English Japanese

Technical Documents

  • UPC311G2 Reliability ReportDetails>>

  • General-purpose operational amplifiers and comparators Pamphlet ( D18268EJ2V0PF00 )Details>>

  • UPC311 Data SheetDetails>>

  • AN1694: The Four Basic Building Blocks of an Op AmpDetails>>

  • UPC271, 311 DatasheetDetails>>

Other distributor's price

Distributor Part # Mfg. Description Price
verical UPC311G2-A Renesas Electronics Corporation Comparator Single ±16V/32V 8-Pin SOP T/R


chiponestop UPC311G2-A Renesas Electronics Corporation Comparator