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  • UPC177G2-A

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UPC177G2-A Overview

The UPC177G2-A is a dual operational amplifier IC that consists of two independent operational amplifiers in a single package. It is designed to provide amplification and signal conditioning for a wide range of analog circuits and applications.



  • Dual operational amplifier: The UPC177G2-A includes two independent operational amplifiers in a single package, allowing for versatile circuit configurations and applications.
  • Wide supply voltage range: It operates over a wide supply voltage range, typically from ±2.5V to ±18V, making it compatible with a variety of voltage levels.
  • High gain and bandwidth: The IC offers high gain and bandwidth, enabling accurate amplification of signals across a wide frequency range.
  • Low input offset voltage and low noise: It features low input offset voltage and low noise characteristics, resulting in precise signal amplification and minimal signal distortion.
  • High slew rate: The UPC177G2-A has a high slew rate, allowing it to respond quickly to rapid changes in the input signal.
  • Unity-gain stable: It is unity-gain stable, meaning it can be used in applications where a gain of one is required without the need for external compensation components.
  • Low power consumption: The IC has low power consumption, making it suitable for battery-powered or low-power applications.
  • Wide temperature range: It operates reliably over a wide temperature range, typically from -40°C to +85°C, making it suitable for various environmental conditions.


  • Signal conditioning: The UPC177G2-A can be used for signal conditioning in various applications, such as sensor interfaces, filter circuits, and data acquisition systems.
  • Active filters: It can be used in active filter circuits for frequency response shaping and signal filtering.
  • Audio amplification: The IC is suitable for audio amplification applications, including headphone amplifiers, preamplifiers, and audio line drivers.
  • Voltage amplification: It can be used for voltage amplification in instrumentation circuits, analog signal processing, and control systems.
  • Active rectifiers: The UPC177G2-A can be used in active rectifier circuits for precision rectification of AC signals.


UPC177G2-A Equivalent Parts

  • NJM4580D
  • LM358
  • MC1458

Product Parameters

  • Product Name


  • Manufacturer

    NEC Electronics

  • Input Offset Voltage

    1 mV (max)

  • Slew Rate

    1 V/μs

  • Number of Channels


  • Output Current

    25 mA (max)

  • Mounting Type

    Through Hole

  • Packaging


  • Product Type

    Operational Amplifier

  • Supply Voltage

    ±2.5V to ±20V

  • Input Bias Current

    10 nA (max)

  • Gain Bandwidth Product

    2.3 MHz

  • Input Voltage Range

    Common-Mode: ±13 V

  • Operating Temperature

    -40°C to +85°C

  • Package / Case


Technical Documents

  • UPC177G2 Reliability ReportDetails>>

  • General-purpose operational amplifiers and comparators Pamphlet ( D18268EJ2V0PF00 )Details>>

  • UPC177GR-9LG, UPC339GR-9LG Data Sheet (G17933EJ3V0DS00)Details>>

  • UPC177, 339 Datasheet (R03DS0139EJ0100)Details>>

  • AN1694: The Four Basic Building Blocks of an Op AmpDetails>>

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