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ML86640 Overview

The LSIs for video encoding are devices that transform digital data into analog video signals. They can be used with the NTSC/PAL formats, which are widely used around the world, making them suitable for various video devices globally.

Video LSIs for Automotive Systems, Dominating the Japanese Market LCD monitors are now commonly utilized in automotive audio systems, rearview mirrors, and car navigation systems. To meet the demands of customers in these applications, LAPIS Technology focuses on the development of LSIs such as video decoders, video encoders, and display controllers. With extensive experience in supplying video LSIs to major Japanese car accessory manufacturers over an extended period, LAPIS Technology has accumulated the necessary expertise to deliver high-quality video performance even in challenging conditions such as driving or extreme temperature variations.

No External Low-Pass Filter Needed + Supports Direct TV Connection LAPIS Technology's video encoders employ high-speed sampling at 54MHz to minimize folding noise, eliminating the need for an external low-pass filter. This not only reduces component costs but also enables direct connection to televisions (models: ML86V76580, ML86640).

Other distributor's price

Distributor Part # Mfg. Description Price
digikey ML86640 STMicroelectronics EVAL BOARD SPIRIT1 SP1ML-868


mouser ML86640 Terabee Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD 68uF 16V 20% tol. ELECTROLYTIC


newark ML86640 STMicroelectronics Boards |Stmicroelectronics STEVAL-SP1ML868